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We Service Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama. 


"35" Years Of Service To Our Customers

The Owners Of Janitorial Cleaning Services Are On Every Job To Insure Top Quality Cleaning!

Office Hallway Of A 3-Shift Factory. Floors Stay Clean And Shiny Every Day!

Notice The Wood Baseboards And Edges Are Perfectly Clean, Not Splashed With Old Dirty Wax. We Maintain A Wet Look Shine, That Is Not Slippery When Wet Or Dry. We Keep The Complete Office Areas Just As Clean As The Floors Look.               

We Cleaned This Company For 20 Years. We Keep Our Customers Happy

Our Thorough Cleaning Starts From The Perfectly Clean Shiny Floors Along With Keeping The Tables, Walls Bright White And Clean. 

We- Strive- For- Perfection

Thoroughly Clean, Germ Free Medical Room

Please Take Notice Of The White Cabinet On The Left Side Of The Picture. Perfectly Clean, No Dirty Build Up At The Base Of The Cabinet And Edge Of The Floor.

Hard Water Scale Build Up Is Never Seen On Our Customers Faucets Or Sinks

Picture Of A New Customers Kitchen Faucet With Hard Water Scale On The Base Of The Faucet. Left Side Of The Picture Is What All Of There Faucets Looked Like Before We Started To Clean. Right Side Of The Picture Is How Clean We Keep All Faucets & Sinks  "Every Day"

Presure Washing & Industrial Cleaning

We Can Take Care Of All Your Cleaning Needs.

Trusting - House - Cleaning

Personalized House Cleaning

The Owners Of, "34" Plus Years With True Cleaning Knowledge, Are The Only Poeple Who Will Clean Your House. No More Worries Of Someone Different Alway's Showing Up To Clean With Only A Small Amount Of Cleaning Knowledge. Can You Trust That For Your Own House!

Our Experience And Knowledge Makes A World Of Difference If You Are Wanting A Thoroughly Clean House.

New Customers "Rusty" Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

Picture Of Before We Cleaned For The First Time. As You Can See The Cleaning Crew Before Us, Was Not To Thorough. Rust Stains Like This Takes A Few Years To Form And Only A Few Minutes For Us To Clean. 

Same Paper Towel Dispenser Back To Looking New

Once We Get Every Inch Of Our Cleaning Space Up To Our Standards, And Our Standards, Goals Are To Return Every Fixture Back To Looking New And Keeping Them Shiny And Clean.

Break - Room - Table

Left Side Deep Cleaned By Us- Right Side Ground In Dirt Not Cleaned By Us.

When We Started This Commercial Job, All The Break Room Tables Looked Like The Right Side Of This Table. The Cleaning "Companies" And As I Was Told There Was A Few Cleaning Services That Did Not Atempt To Return The Tables Back To There New Original Look. That Is Only Half The Battle. After The Tables Are Back To New Again, Then We Keep Them Looking Bright And Clean Every Day.

Factory Supervisors Office White VCT Tile Floor. Before Stripping & Refinishing.

This Floor Was Very Bad. We Had To Grind Into Tile In Order To Achieve A Clean Look.

After We Stripped/Grinded & Refinished The Vinyl Floor

The Floor Cleaners Before Us Created Layers Of Dirty Wax 4 Inches Up From The Floor On The Sides Of All The Desks And File Cabinets. Not Only Do We Make Sure That The Corners And Edges Are Perfectly Clean Of Old Dirty Wax, We Also Make Sure That There Is No Old Wax On Baseboards Or Furniture.

Services - Available

Details Of Our Services

We Clean:  Commercial Buildings  &  Residentrial  Houses.

Commnercial Janitor Services/General Cleaning.   Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Bi-Monthly.

Office  &  Industrial Cleaning.

House Cleaning - Personalized Cleaning **The Owners Of The Cleaning Service Will Clean Your House.

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning.  3 - Different Methods.

Floor Scrubbing/Stripping Refinishing. 

Tile  &  Grout Cleaning  &  Re-Sealing. 

Bathtub/Shower - Old Caulk Removel  &  Re-caulking.

Stainless Steel - Chrome - Brass  Brightening/Cleaning/Polishing. Rusty Metals Back To New.

Presure Washing.

Window Cleaning - Available For Our Contracted Customers Only.

Emergency Services - Provided For Our Contracted Customers Only.

Construction Cleaning, Maintain A Clean Construction Site During Construction & The Final Clean Up.


Review - Mayberry Rugs

Roger Hughes (Owner),  They have done a great job for us here at Mayberry Rugs cleaning our offices, (Dalton,Ga). our office have never been this clean.  6-7-17 

Google Highest Rating,  5 - Stars 

Review - Modular Industrial Computers

Maria Malley (Owner - Modular Industrial Computers, Chattanooga Tn.) Rob and Linda did a wonderful job sealing and waxing our office floor. They took a dirty dull floor and made it shine again. They are hardworking. I would hire them again.   4-11-17

Google Highest Rating, 5 - Stars

Review - Worldwide Freight

Jennifer Clark (Office Manager, Worldwide Freight, Chattanooga Tn.) Very thorough and professional commercial cleaners.   1-10-17

Google Highest Rating,  5 - Stars

Review - MC Builders

Ashton McMullan (Office Manager, MC Builders, Chattanooga Tn.) They clean our office and do a fantastic job each time!  1-9-17    

Google Highest Rating,  5 - Stars

Review - Import Motorworks

Ben Spears (Owner of Import Motorworks, a professional European automotive repair facility that prides itself on cleanliness. Ooltewah Tn) "These people are the real deal" Through finger prints and cobwebs, grease and grime, 

Rob & Linda make it shine!

Thanks guys.    9-7-17

  Google Highest Rating,  5 - Stars

Review -Graham Dental

Lori Graham, I am a dentist at Graham Dental in Ringgold GA. Janitorial Cleaning Services did a spectacular job cleaning my newly purchased home If you want it done right, I highly recommend them!  11-15-17

Googles Highest Rating, 5 - Stars

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Contact Us

Let Us Show You What Clean Really Is

We love our customers, so feel free to call us during normal business hours.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

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